Thursday, July 5, 2007

Opening Night!!

All My Sons opens tonight, and boy are we excited!

Or at least Jared Evans is, as indicated by the photo at right.

After a few harried weeks of rehearsal and set building and light hanging, it's finally time for our inaugural show of the return of UNCO. We've been lucky enough to have gotten some press coverage recently. There was a great article in the Northfield News last week, and we made the front of the Carleton website.

Now for a few photographs:

The stalwart directors of All My Sons, Ben Egerman and Arika Garg, contemplate their next move during rehearsal in the Green Room.

The finished stage floor.

The "lawn" was painted with feather dusters on a stick.

Rachel and Karen sponged the path. As you can see, it made them very happy.

And here's the cast on the finished set! From left to right: Hal Edmonson as Joe Keller, Rachel Teagle as Ann Deever, Jared Evans as Chris Keller, Jenny Gibbins as Kate Keller, and Max Herzl-Betz as Jim Bayliss.

We also took a few pictures of the hail storm a few days ago. Several of our company members had never seen one before.

Especially not one with golf-ball sized hail.

But, inclement weather aside, we're ready to put on a fantastic show this weekend. House opens at 7:30, show starts at 8.
Hope to see you there.

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