Wednesday, August 15, 2007

About to Go Moon Over Buffalo

Well, it's almost time for us UNkids to bid farewell to this fair hamlet of Northfield, but before we go, we've got one more show for all you lovely folks: Ken Ludwig's Moon Over Buffalo - a big, bold, backstage farce with more than enough laughs to go around.

Oh, and we open tomorrow.

In order to make up for our lack of posts about the process, I present to you the first UNCO video trailer, edited rather late at night by Ms. Rachel Teagle.

Tickets are $8 for General Admission and $6 for Students and Senior Citizens. can be reserved by sending an email to or call our reservation line at (507)646-4439. The message may not be updated yet, but trust me, it works.
This show is a bit racy - there's a sub-plot about an affair and an illegitimate pregnancy, a few double entendres, and a character who drinks through the second act, but the language is mild (it takes place in 1953). If you have more specific questions about appropriateness, drop us an email.

See you at the show, and enjoy our trailer!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Way, way back during the performances of All My Sons, our youngest member, Noah, drew a picture of the cast in their costumes. Since it was so awesome, and since Noah is just a cool kid all by himself, we decided to post it here so you could see the fruits of his labors. Enjoy.