Monday, July 5, 2010

Do Not Kill Me Killer Robots

Exciting News from Ben:

welcome to the adventure…

The Great Ben Egerman Theatre Adventure! was created in the fall of 2009 in order to present a touring production of its namesake’s one-man show, “Do Not Kill Me, Killer Robots” for the summer of 2010. It is driven by a desire to put forward a show designed to be able to be performed in a wide variety of locations, with a low-budget, do-it-yourself aesthetic. The show’s set and props, including a large number of electronic props and sound equipment, will be built by Ben Egerman from scratch, and will be designed to occupy no more space than a desk, be able to run off a single electrical outlet, and easily fit into the trunk of a Honda Civic. It is called an adventure because a major goal, beyond presenting a single show, is integrating the experience of travelling and engaging with other artists, new audiences, and new friends into the production itself. It is also called an adventure because it sounds more awesome and exciting that way. That is also why there is an exclamation point.

You can read about his awesome tour at his new website

He's in DC right now, you can buy tickets here for Capital Fringe.

The show description on their website includes this succinct description of both the show and the Ben we all know and love:

Contains: Profanity
Based on the LGBT & Jewish experience.

About the Show:
“Do Not Kill Me, Killer Robots” is a one-man show in which Minneapolis-based theatre artist and storyteller Ben Egerman is the last surviving human, and the audience is the horde of killer robots who have finally broken into his bunker—but are programmed never to kill during a one-man show. An evening of low budgets, high sci-fi kitch and camp, major dork appeal, and weird homemade electronics.