Friday, June 8, 2007

Shivering with Anticipation

Even up here on the North Shore of Lake Superior, nothing can distract me from the unyielding anticipation of what I'm positive will be, the best UNCO season of all time. Needing only a tiny bit of inspiration these beach pebbles (or maggots) are singing our praises in a slightly eerie Charlot's Web sort of a way.

I've been writing a lot lately about UNCO and Carleton theater in general, as it has somehow found its way into being the primary focus of my medschool application essays. I can't really blame it. For some, theater is an escape, a temporary retreat from the insanity that is an academic semester. For others, and hopefully I'm speaking for more than myself, theater experiences such as UNCO are opportunities for community formation, the coming together of people from all disciplines and all backgrounds, pooling their creativity and skills, and creating a performance masterpiece. This being said, theater does mean different things to different people. For me theater is a way to embrace my creativity, my passions, and most importantly my friendships.

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