Saturday, May 19, 2007

All My Sons

All My Sons
by Arthur Miller

Show Dates: July 5, 6, 7

The year is 1947 and Chris Keller is anticipating his marriage to Ann Deever, the former fiancée of his brother, Larry, who went missing in action during the war. His mother, however, is not willing to concede that her son is dead, and the allegations of war profiteering for which his father was acquitted still loom. Past, present and future intersect and violently clash with one another in this gripping tragedy of a thoroughly American family.

Directed by Ben Egerman and Arika Garg

Joe KellerHal Edmonson
Kate KellerJenny Gibbins
Chris KellerJared Evans
Ann DeeverRachel Teagle
George DeeverRussell O'Connell
Jim BaylissMax Herzl-Betz
Sue BaylissEmily Ruff
Frank LubeyAlex Fisher
Lydia LubeyKaren Borchert
Noah Schomburg

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